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Trailer Duo Elin-Sakas

Rendez-vous: Shen-ju Chang & Christian Elin

Christian Elin: Recercada primeira

Johann Sebastian Bach: Oboe Concerto F Major BWV 1053

Christian Elin & Jakob Rattinger / La Chiesetta

Roger Hanschel & Christian Elin « Caithness to Kerry »

Johann Sebastian Bach Sonata BWV 1031 - Christian Elin & Maruan Sakas

Reminiscences (transcription for piano by Paul Beynet)

Stella Cadente

Christian Elin: reminiscence

Michael Nyman: Where the bee dances

Improvisation on Bach's chorale "Our Father in heaven" from the
Little Organ Book, BWV 636

Christian Elin: Waves

Open Air Concert Fulda
with Martin Grubinger and the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra