Saxophonunterricht, Klarinettenunterricht und Klavierunterricht

I teach my three main and favorite instruments privately in Munich and Augsburg.

My tuition is aimed at all music enthusiasts, whether they be beginners, school children, music students, teachers or interested lay people. Some of my students whom I have taught for the past 15 years have now become successful musicians themselves.

Apart from acquiring well-founded instrumental and musical knowledge, I pay great importance to the development and promotion of the individual creativity of each student. I should like to stand beside each interested student, helping them to find their own musical path.

Important elements of my work are:

  • Education which places the students at the centre of attention with their individual requirements, wishes and personal rhythm of learning.
  • A wholistic method - knowledge of musical theory, aural training and instrumental skills are developed simultaneously and complement each other
  • Openness and variety of style
Saxophonunterricht Augsburg
Saxophonunterricht in Augsburg

Other key aspects of attention can be:

  • discovering and developing one’s own creativity through free playing
  • Learning of chords and scales as a basis for improvisation
  • Composing your own pieces
  • Music and computers: working with the Sibelius and Logic programs
  • Listening to and learning your favourite pieces together
  • new initiative for interpreting classical works

International Music Masterclasses

During the Easter holidays I teach as part of the International Music Masterclasses in the wonderful Villa Pitiana near Florence.

The next course will take place at Easter 2023. You can find all more information on the website

Saxophon, Klarinette und Klavier lernen bei Christian Elin


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