Lucile Boulanger: viola da gamba and lirone /
Anna Zimre: viola da gamba /

Charlotte Schwenke: viola da gamba and lirone /
Christian Elin: soprano saxophone and bass clarinet

Two instruments that have never met before: bass clarinet / saxophone and Viola da gamba. Two musical styles with 3 centuries of music history lying between them: Renaissance or baroque music meets jazz and modernity. The GAMBELIN ensemble does not stop at a comparison of these styles, something completely new emerges in their program: A concert like an undertow, an immersion in a world of sound that can no longer be adequately described in terms of styles but rather lets all that be forgotten. The compositions by Christian Elin - specially created for this line-up - grasp all the amazing parallels in the musical practice of baroque music and jazz: harmonic models, the freedom of improvisation, swing and inégalité, playing with overtones. In this way, the audience will also experience Bach's Goldberg Variations or the virtuoso variations of the great French viol virtuoso Sieur de Sainte Colombe in a completely new way: A concert like a film that lets one forget about time.

With this program, GAMBELIN were guests at the Handel Festival in Halle and at the Munich Residence Week.
Works by J.S. Bach, Claudio Monteverdi, Christian Elin, Diego Ortiz and Sieur de Sainte Colombe


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