Ewa Lovrenović: oboe and cor anglais
Christian Elin: bass clarinet and soprano saxophone

Musicians are like cooks. When two very different traditions come together, the most beautiful taste explosions can arise. While Ewa and her oboe specialise in baroque ingredients, Christian as a saxophonist naturally loves everything that has to do with jazz and sophisticated rhythmic spices. His penchant for French sounds also found its way into the menu of the concert evening.

As with culinary enthusiasts, musicians also have a sensitivity for tasting neighbouring kitchens. Both artists complement each other perfectly, because the Croatian Ewa grew up of course with the 7/8 Balkan rhythms from earliest childhood, while Christian was always a lover of baroque sounds. Look forward to a Michelin-suspicious evening with two three-star chefs.

* "L‘anche" is the French word for "reed" - the small piece of wood that gives the woodwind instruments their name.

Download: Steckbrief LES ANCHES VARIÉES


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